Bald Eagle Screensaver

Bald Eagle Screensaver 1

Bald Eagle Screen Saver

Bald Eagle Screensaver is a customized screen saver filled with over 50 notes while the bald eagle screen saver is on display. This screen saver adds a password protected lock feature to your computer when it becomes idle.

You are sure to be safe from spying eyes and identity thieves with this feature. Bald Eagle Screensaver is a software package that pictures of the Bald Eagle.

The screen saver captures the beauty and grace of this bird with high quality images. All photos included in this Bald Eagle Screensaver software package can be viewed separately or displayed on your desktop wallpaper.

This program can be customized with several behavioral and appearance options. Other features of this product include Sticky Note, where you can add customized notes or reminders to your screen saver.

You can add something like, "Out for lunch" or "Will be back in a while" is designed for Windows Vista and lower platform versions of Windows.

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Bald Eagle Screensaver


Bald Eagle Screensaver 1

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